Wuxi Hubin Hotel
star level:
Address:No.1 Huanhu Road, Binhu District, Wuxi
Traffic: 2107 kilometers far away from Wuxi Shuofang Airport, and 15 kilometers far away from Wuxi Railway Station
The lakeside hotel has picturesque sceneries. Through the French window, you may overlook the lake and mountains, which form up a Chinese landscape picture with the beautiful gardens.

Standing at the side of the Lihu Lake, it looks like a sailing boat. Then, you will find that it is near the Liyuan Garden and the Star of Taihu Lake (the Ferris wheel).

Here, you will see all the famous sceneries and tourist attractions of Wuxi. It seems that you are not in a hotel, but in a resort like the paradise.
Double Tree Resort by Hilton Hotel Wuxi-Lingshan
star level:
Address:No. 99 Qili Fengguangdi, Taihu National Tourist Resort
Traffic:Accessible by taking No.88 Bus 54 kilometers far away from Wuxi Shuofang Airport; 75 minutes by taxi 38 kilometers far away from the railway station
Here, you will see the best sceneries of Wuxi. At the foot of the Lingshan Giant Buddha, you may forget all the annoyances in the secular world.

It is the first resort hotel established by DoubleTree by Hilton in Asia. It is located at the side of the Taihu Lake and the foot of the Lingshan Giant Buddha. The guestrooms stand along the lake and are connected by a winding path. The rooms either face the vast lake or the green garden.

The hotel is surrounded by the Lingshan Mountain with verdant plants, and therefore becomes a natural oxygen bar.
Radisson Blu Resort Wetland Park Wuxi
star level:
Address: No. 205 Feifeng Road, Hongshan Sub-district, Wuxi New Town
Traffic:11.4 kilometers far away from Wuxi Shuofang Airport; about 21 minutes by taxi 29.4 kilometers far away from Wuxi Railway Station; about 38 minutes by taxi
The hotel is located near the Lianggong Wetland, surrounded by the sweet smell of the green grass in the wetland.

The hotel has 196 rooms in a three-layer garden-style villa. In the afternoon of spring, you may stand on the balcony and watch the mandarin ducks swimming in the pond in the courtyard. The indoor swimming pool will be a great surprise. It has French windows at three sides and also a transparent glass roof, which enable the pool to integrate into the nature.

There is beautiful landscape, including mountains, water pool, flowers, bridges and corridors. The hotel is also a garden with well-designed layout. Walking in it, you will feel that time is slowing down.
Kempinski Hotel Wuxi
star level:
Telephone: 0510 6866 8888
Address:No.18, Yonghe Road, Nanchang District, Wuxi
Traffic:The hotel enjoys excellent traffic conditions. It is only 15 minutes’ ride from Wuxi Railway Station, 20 minutes’ ride to Wuxi Airport
Decorated in the colors of grey, blue and purple, Kempinski Hotel Wuxi is elegant and beautiful. Through the French window of each and every guestroom, you can enjoy the beautiful night scene of the flourishing city.

It is probably the best preserved hotel I have ever seen. Although no refurbishment has been made since it opened to business in 2007, the hotel looks still fresh and stylish. The lofty lobby is actually a large pool, with a clear glass bridge connecting both sides of the pool and the lounges.

This is the traditional German beer festival held in October that you cannot miss. At the annual event of the hotel, you can enjoy excellent performance of the traditional bands of Germany and first class German dark beer.
Landison Square Hotel Wuxi
star level:
Telephone:0510 8515 9999
Address:No. 28, Jincheng East Road, Wuxi New Town
Traffic: It is 5.93km away from downtown Wuxi, and takes about 20 yuan by taxi The hotel is 12.44km away from Wuxi Shuofang Airport and it costs 37 yuan by taxi It is 6.03km away from Wuxi Railway Station
The modern hotel integrates traditional elements and represents graceful and restrained Wu Culture and traditions and great momentum of the Chinese classics.

In the lobby the reception table marble texture is the perfect extension of the huge Chinese painting of the background wall and the Jade Phoenix sculpture in the center represents inheritance of Wu Culture.

The newly decorated suites are like the lords’ residences in the ancient China with traditional Chinese furniture and traditional Chinese landscape paintings, creating a decent luxury environment for guests. What’s more, the SPA center offers sauna, lavipeditum and SPA etc. at competitive prices.
InterContinental Hotel Wuxi
star level:
Telephone:0510 8118 5888
Address: No. 6, Yonghe Road, Nanchang District, Wuxi
Traffic:It is 16.46km away from Wuxi Shuofang Airport, and takes about 25 minutes by taxi The hotel is 4km away from Wuxi Railway Station and it takes about 15 minutes by taxi
InterContinental Hotel Wuxi has integrated the unique culture of local hotel brands and the high-quality service concept of the international hotel brand.

The large area of red, tall and straight bamboo, and blooming azalea create a flourishing impression in the lobby of the hotel.

Considerate services are detailed : the background wall at the bedside is decorated with embroidered silk wallpaper; the decorative photos are selected from thousands of candidates and changed with changes of seasons. No duplication in the 400 guestrooms of the hotel.

In the hotel you can enjoy exceptional dining experiences from the creative Cantonese cuisine and classical Huaiyang cuisine prepared by world-renowned genius chef Mr. Jereme Leung.
Sheraton Wuxi Binhu Hotel
star level:
Address: No. 49, Liangxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi
Traffic:The hotel is 5km away from downtown Wuxi and it costs about 15 yuan by taxi The hotel is 20km away from Wuxi Shuofang Airport and it costs about 80 yuan by taxi It is 6km away from Wuxi Railway Station and it costs about 15 yuan by taxi
Located in the most popular business district of Wuxi, Sheraton Wuxi Binhu Hotel is within reach to outlets of thousands of famous brands. Plum blossoms are embodied in details of the hotel, elegant and luxury.

Settled in Wuxi in 2010, Sheraton Wuxi Binhu Hotel enjoys a best location. In the lofty lobby, the large golden plum blossom print is set off by the giant round crystal lamps.

The guestrooms are spacious and elegant. You can appreciate the prosperous landscape of the city from the French windows outside and enjoy high quality sleep inside with the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed.

The swimming pool is a special recommendation. The dome above the swimming pool is designed like the starred night sky. It must be a great pleasure to swim under the beautiful sky.
Wuxi Jinling Hotel
star level:
Address:No.1, Xianqian East Street, Wuxi
Traffic:The hotel is 25km away from Wuxi Shuofang Airport. It takes about 30 minutes and costs 50 yuan to the hotel by taxi. Wuxi Railway Station is 1km away from the hotel
Stylish and elegant, Jinling Hotel offers guests home-like comfort and convenience in the hustling city.

Jinling Hotel is situated in center of the prime business district formed by Zhongshan Road business district, Chongansi business district and Zhanqian commercial and trade zone.

The fresh fragrance in the lobby is agreeable and the 266 guestrooms have maintained the elegance of the hotel brand.You can enjoy convenience of excellent traffic conditions, luxury guestrooms and considerate services provided by capable workers.
Yunhu International Conference Center
star level:
Address:Xianglin Road, Xizhu Town, Yixing
Traffic:About 25km away from Renmin Road, downtown Yixing, it takes about 50 minutes by taxi
Adjacent to Dajue Temple, Yunhu International Conference Center is nestled in the large plots of bamboo and tea garden, like a Xanadu.

It is located in Yunhu Scenic Area of Xizhu, Yixing, surrounded by bamboo and tea garden, like an oxygen bar in forest. Yangxian Tea Culture Expo Park and well-known Dajue Temple stand beside the hotel.

Sitting by Dajue Temple, the hotel is also famous for the vegetarian diet. At Dajue Hall you can enjoy the vegetarian diet of the old court recipe. A vegetarian booth is designed even at the breakfast.
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