Xi Sheng Yuan
star level:
Address:No. 112-5, Pedestrian street, Nan Chan Temple
Traffic:No. 3, 40, 81, 118, 135, 201 buses
Type in “Xi Sheng Yuan”, you can find the positive evaluation beyond imagination. There is a saying, “Outlanders go to Wang Xing Ji, and Wuxi locals eat Xi Sheng Yuan”.

Many praises go for its sweet but not greasy taste, sufficient broth, and thin and chewy. You will always find the lining up in Xi Sheng Yuan in the morning, and it is closed early in the afternoon. You can’t miss it, so yummy.
Wang Xing Ji
star level:
Address:No. 223, Zhongshan Road
Traffic:No. 12, 65, 67, 79, 81, 85, 118, 201, 312 buses
Wang Xing Ji is a 100-year-old name, created in Qing Dynasty, crystal, complete, with exactly 20 folds. After generations of chefs’ researches and improvement, its flavor is more outstanding, sweet and salty combined perfectly.

Of course, steamed crab meat bun is Wang Xing Ji’s best specialty. But this seasonal snack can only be enjoyed in fall and winter.
Lu Zhuang Chao Wang Ji
star level:
Address:No. 167, Xian Qian Dong Street
Traffic:No.12, 16, 63, 65, 82, 87, 90, 102, 112, 118, 201, 611 buses
You can feel its aggressiveness from the name, and it is considered one of the authentic tastes in Wuxi.

Since the bun skins are super thin, people can suck the broth directly, not too sweet, tight, chewy, and fresh. It’s superb and excellent!
Mao Hua Yulan cake
star level:
Address:No. 80-2, Qing Yang Road
Traffic:No.5, 23, 67, 70, 81, 118, 135 buses
It is a time-honored brand, and its pan-fried buns are excellent and tasty.
Tian Fu Yuan Hotel
star level:
Address:No. 19-2, Chong Ning Road, Wuxi
Although Yulan cake is everywhere in Wuxi, only Tian Fu Yuan can match with Mao Hua Yulan cake in quality. Besides, scallop king, turbot, and three treasures stewed with chicken juice are also the best here.
Mu Guiying Food Court
star level:
Address:Zijin Square, Nan Chan Temple, Nan Chang Street
Traffic:No.12, 15, 24, 27, 57, 105, 358, 502, 765 buses
Mu Guiying pastry shop founded in 1958 is the predecessor of Mu Guiying Food Court.

Here gathers River South flavor snacks with a strong local characteristic, delicious and inexpensive traditional cake regiment, and lovely desserts which have won many gold awards.
Three-Feng Bridge sauce spare ribs
star level:
Address:No. 240, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an District
Traffic:No.12, 65, 67, 79, 81, 85, 118, 201, 312 buese
The time-honored restaurant is always crowded. The most mysterious part is a jar of years’ standing liquid.

It is said that a portion of sauce would be kept every day for the next day’s ribs. Day after day, its unique taste has been formed.
Lao Lu Gao Jian
star level:
Address:No. 6-52, Yuexiu park
Traffic:No. 36, 53, 63, 139, 207, 211 buses
Another old brand, it has many branch restaurants and it is a perfect place for the sumptuous meal. Chicken wings, braised pig knuckle in brown sauce, and spiced dried bean curd are recommended here.
Wang Yu Xing Meat Restaurant
star level:
Address:Food court, Nan Men Tou, Nan Chan Temple, Nan Chang District
Traffic:No. 3, 40, 81, 118, 135, 201 buses
As one of Wuxi’s time-honored brands and Nan Men old restaurants, its honeydew meat bones which is cooked on the spot has traditionally been Wuxi people’s favorite.
Hongyun abalone and shark’s fin noodle restaurant
star level:
Address:Hong Yun Hotel, No. 317, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an
The noodle soup here is excellent, stewed from the evening to the next morning. Hua Diao Wine and ginger are put before removed, with outstanding freshness.

Taskebap and braised pig’s feet gravy, which is made after 4-5 hours’ cooking, are also added in the red soup. You can taste the savoury and mellow meat from every bite of soup.
Gong Bei Lou
star level:
Address:No. 2128, Chong’an Temple Pedestrian Street
Traffic:No. 11, 12, 20, 35, 35, 65, 67 buese
The time-honored restaurant is renowned in Jiangsu and Zhejiang for noodles and steamed juicy meat buns.
Wuxi China Hotel
star level:
Address:No. 18, Gongyun Road
Traffic:No. 2 , 10, 16, 28, 57, 61, 80, 87, 92, 100 buses
The hotel’s fine materials and dainty operation make it the representative of Wuxi cuisine, with the characteristic flavor of River South.

Liangxi crispy fried eel here is extremely famous, listed as the traditional dish.
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