Petty Style
Nanchang Street

It seems that every tourist city is fixed with one famous pedestrian street—Sifang Street in Lijiang, Nan Luo Gu Xiang in Beijing, Ping Jiang Road in Suzhou, and Nanchang Street in Wuxi. Accompanied by the meandering ancient canal, Nanchang Street extends to the Wuxi locals’ minds from generation to generation.
Extrinsically, Nanchang Street displays the quietness and calmness of Jiangnan Water Village. Inside, you will date with rows of red wine and coffee of fragrance, full of modern enthusiasm and passion. The neon sign on the plastered wall manifests the mixing of old time and new era.

Traffic: Take Bus No. 201 from Wuxi passenger terminal to Nanchang Street (Jin Cheng Road)
Recommendation: Starbucks, Mao Mi Café, Blue Lotus, metoo, Buttonwood Cheese, ACG café

Yang Chun Xiang

Corresponding to San Li Tun in Beijing, Shanghai has Xin Tian Di, and in Wuxi, there is Yang Chun Xiang. Reconstructed on a low-lying old town, it revives the former residences of celebrities, and awakens people’s memory here.
Accommodating over 40 buildings in Republic period and a dozen of lanes, Yang Chun Xiang masterly adopts the classic building elements of Shanghai Shikumen, with plain brick walls, bars, coffee bar, restaurants complementing the ancient tower, bridge and canal nearby.

Address: No. 9, Yong Le Road, opposite to Nanchang Street, and beside Ri Hang Hotel
Restaurant recommendation: Civet Coffee, Lilac Garden, Provence Western Restaurant, Ji Song Ting Japanese Cuisine, and MIST Town

Huishan Ancient Town

Two kilometers from the southwest of Wuxi, Huishan ancient town is named after the Huiquan Mountain nearby. Like many other small towns in the south of Yangtze River, it is delicate, elegant, and quiet, with small bridge over the flowing stream, and buildings of antique flavor. It can totally be regarded as a Jiangnan ink painting. The ancestral temple culture, spring tea culture, garden culture and clay figure culture gather here. It’s the wonderland for Emperor Kangxi, who gives six visits here.
In addition to the repaired ancient architecture community, you can also experience the rich folk and traditional culture here. Café, bar, book store and tea house reflected in green trees and white walls, reveal some leisure petit bourgeoisie sentiments.

Address: Gu Hua Shan Road, Wuxi
Ticket: free
Place recommendation: Xianfeng Book Store, ICOFEE, Yi Qin Yuan, Yi Mu San Feb Tian, Clay Figure Musuem