Family trip
Star of Taihu Lake

There is a huge ferris wheel at the north bank of Lihu Lake. This is the first offshore ferris wheel in the world and is called “Star of Taihu Lake”. The ferris wheel is 115 meters high above the water surface. Seating in it, you can enjoy the street landscape of Lihu Avenue and beautiful landscape of Taihu Lake.

Besides, there are many entertainment facilities such as pirate ship, rotating horse, etc.

Address: Near the Lihu Bank in Lihu Lake Park, Binhu District (east side of Hubin Hotel)

Tel: 0510-85108539

Ticket: RMB80 per person

Opening time: 8:00 to 17:00; The evening show lasts till 22:00

Traffic: Take No. 82, 811 and 20 buses at the Railway Station and get off at Lihu Park

Wuxi Three Kingdoms City

There are 480 temples in the Southern Dynasties and how many balconies can be seen in misty rain. Nanchan Temple is a famous one among 480 temples of the Southern Dynasties, and has a history of over 1500 years. Miaoguang Tower, the symbolic building of the temple, was constructed in Northern Song Dynasty. Since the period of Yongle in Ming Dynasty, it was regarded as one of the eight famous scenic spots in Wuxi. Now, Nanshan Temple has become a commercial city of cultural products such as stamps, flower and birds, curios, snacks, tea houses and other products. At night, Nanchan Temple with bright light became one of the symbolic scenic spots of Wuxi.

Address: No. 32 Xiangyang Road, East Jiefang Road, Nanchang District

Tel: 0510-82820393

Ticket: free

Traffic: No. 12, 15, 19, 23, 24, 40, 42, 51, 53, 55, 57, 67, 81, 85, 92, 105, 118, 201, 313, 502, 723, 765, 767, G1 buses at Nanchan Temple Station

Shuihu City

Similar with the Three Kingdoms City, Shuihu City is also constructed for shooting of TV plays. Buildings in Shuihu City features sophisticated manufacturing technique. As a film base, there are video production teams working at the scenic area all the year. Tourists can meet their favorite stars at the city and have close contact with the stars. The film base will organize the meeting of stars and their fans on regular basis.

Besides, many interesting and colorful performances are given to showcase the shooting process of swordsmen film.

Address: No. 1, Qitang Road, Dafu Town, West Shanshui Road, Binhu District

Tel: 0510-85556127

Ticket: RMB85 for Shuihu City and RMB150 for Three Kingdoms City and Shuihu City

Opening time: 7:00 to 17:30 (ticket-selling time)

Traffic: Take K82 bus at the south plaza of Wuxi Railway Station

Tang City

Tang City is a film base constructed by CCTV for shooting of TV play Tang Emperor and Imperial Concubine Yang. It is constructed in pattern of royal park in Tang Dynasty. There is a 10 meter high “Goddess” sculpture at the entrance of the film base.

Currently, there are five scenic areas in Tang City, namely Tang Palace, Tang Street, Royal Garden, Fragrance Pavilion and Huaqing Pool, as well as over 100 scenic spots. There is the China’s longest purple clay wall painting “Drawing of Tang Dynasty” in the royal garden. Each year, performance of stories of Emperor Tang and Imperial Concubine Yang will be given each day.

Address: No. 11, Qitang Road, Dafu Town, West Shanshui Road, Binhu District

Tel: 0510-85550117

Ticket: RMB50 for Tang City and RMB160 for Three Kingdoms City, Shuihu City and Tang City

Opening time: 7:00 to 17:30

Traffic: Take K82 bus at the south plaza of Wuxi Railway Station

Wuxi Zoo and Taihu Lake Happy Park

The theme park enables visitors to see over 100 animals, accept scientific education and enjoy exciting entertainment facilities. You can play at the garden for one day to experience the childhood time.

Entering the park, you can take the dynamic train to the zoo with the entrance ticket. More than 1000 rare wild animals of 100 types worldwide are showcased here, such as Asian elephant, giant panda, leopard, black chimp and white rhinoceros. The sightseeing elevator climbing up the mountain connects the zoo with the happy park. The 1,800 seats for animal performance are often occupied completely.

There are many first-tier entertainment facilities in the happy park. Leasing of electric vehicle is available. The adults can control the vehicle, while the kids can view the performance comfortably in the vehicle.

Opening time: 8:30-17:00; Sale of tickets will stop at 16:00

Ticket: RMB100; half price for children with the height from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters, and free ticket for children with the height below 1.2 meters and the old persons aged above 70

Address: No. 99, Qianrong Road, Binhu District

Traffic: Take No. 83 bus at the Railway Station or Nor. 203, 26 or 608 buses at the central area of the city.

Hotline: 0510-85528288