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Lihu Lake

Lihu Lake is an inner lake of Taihu Lake. This segment of Taihu Lake likes a beautiful and quiet girl. The complicated word Li means calabash, which refers to the shape of Lihu Lake. With the original name of Wuli Lake, Lihu Lake features same area with West Lake in Hangzhou. The mountains, lakes, green water and trees form a beautiful landscape.

Along the 36 kilometers of shore line of Lihu Lake, there are a total of 15 parks with wonderful natural landscape.

Scenic sites:

Changguangxi Wetland Park, the largest wetland park in Wuxi.

Lihu Great Bridge Park for seeing of “Taihu Lake Star” Ferris Wheel

Yufu Island and Bogong Island with lake scene, mountain, beach, dyke and music foundtain.

Traffic: Take No. 77 bus at Railway Station and get off at Changguangxi Bridge Station, and then walk to Lihu Lake.

Ticket: free

Huishan Ancient Town

Huishan Ancient Town is located two kilometers away to southwest of Wuxi City and gets its name as it is in adjacent to Huiquan Mountain. Similar with many towns in South China, Huishan Ancient Town features beautiful and elegant landscape, small bridge, red wall, and quietness. Memorial temple culture, tea culture, garden culture and clay figure culture are all available here. This is a place where Emperor Kangxi must visit when traveling to South china.

Huishan Clay Figure Museum beside the ancient town is most authentic and sophisticated clay figure. There are many studios of masters, where you can see on-site production of clay figures, on-site embroidering performance and bamboo carving.

Scenic sites:

Huishan Straight Street, Horizontal Street, Temple Cluster, and Upstream and downstream fond

Clay Figure Museum

Ticket: free

Traffic: Take No. 10, No. 98, No. 83 and No. 56 buses at Railway Station and get off at Nanhai Fishing Village Station.

Canal Park

Canal Park is located at the intersection point of Wuxi Ancient Canal and the New Canal. With Huishan Mountain to its west, Canal Park is surrounded by water on three sides. Currently, it is the largest cultural park in suburban area of Wuxi. Wuxi rice market is once located here. The entire Canal Park has four characteristic exhibition halls, most of which are re-constructed on the old plant area. The Canal Park covers a total floor area of 160,000 square meters. The park has many scenic spots and beautiful landscape, and is suitable for walking. It is wonderful to walk in the park for half a day.

Scenic sites:

He Zhenliang and Olympic Museum, Chinese Ethic Music Museum, Ancient Canal Model Exhibition and Su Jia Art Gallery, Huangpudun

Tourists are recommended to take the canal yacht to see the old buildings along the bank if they travel along the water course of the Grand Canal.

Address: East Canal Road under Jiangjian Bridge, Beitang District (near Ronghu Bridge)

Ticket: free

Traffic: Take No. 29 and No. 52 buses with air-conditioner and get off at Wuli New Village Station.

Baojie Mountain Forestry Park

If you go from Liyuan to Yuantouzhu, the No. 1 landscape in Wuxi, you will come to the foot of Baojie Mountain after passing Shuanghong Bridge. Going along the mountain road, you will see dense forest, small bridge and glide, which lead you to the scenic spot. You can feel refreshing sense if you breathe deeply.

Baojie Mountain Forestry Park is in adjacent with the landscapes of east and west Lihu Lake. Standing at the viewing platform on peak of the mountain, you can see the lake and mountain landscape completely. Therefore, the park is a wonderful place for enjoying the landscape of Taihu Lake, Lihu Lake and Wuxi City.

Address: intersection point of Lihu and Changguangxi in Binhu District (Near Baojie Bridge)

Opening time: 9:00 to 17:00

Ticket: free

Traffic: Take No. 1, No. 9, No. 82, No. 315 and Pan-Lihu Sightseeing Bus and get off at Baojie Bridge Station

Nanchan Temple

There are 480 temples in the Southern Dynasties and how many balconies can be seen in misty rain. Nanchan Temple is a famous one among 480 temples of the Southern Dynasties, and has a history of over 1500 years. Miaoguang Tower, the symbolic building of the temple, was constructed in Northern Song Dynasty. Since the period of Yongle in Ming Dynasty, it was regarded as one of the eight famous scenic spots in Wuxi. Now, Nanshan Temple has become a commercial city of cultural products such as stamps, flower and birds, curios, snacks, tea houses and other products. At night, Nanchan Temple with bright light became one of the symbolic scenic spots of Wuxi.

Address: No. 32 Xiangyang Road, East Jiefang Road, Nanchang District

Tel: 0510-82820393

Ticket: free

Traffic: No. 12, 15, 19, 23, 24, 40, 42, 51, 53, 55, 57, 67, 81, 85, 92, 105, 118, 201, 313, 502, 723, 765, 767, G1 buses at Nanchan Temple Station

Wuxi Museum

Buildings of Wuxi Museum have special characteristics. They adopt full-steel structure. As Wuxi depends on the water of Canal and has profound water culture, construction of the museum emphasizes on the water culture, and shows the design concept of “water and stone”.

The museum is in rich of paintings and calligraphy of Ming and Qing dynasties, and cultural relics, and is a comprehensive museum of local art and history. There is Wuxi Xubeihong Art Gallery where the real paintings of Xu Beihong were showcased.

Address: No. 100 Zhongshu Road, South Taihu Plaza, Qingyang Road, Nanchang District (near the library)

Tel: 0510-85727600

Ticket: free

Opening time: 9:00-17:00, visitors are not allowed to enter after 16:00

Traffic: Take No. 5, 29, 31, 57 and 81 buses and get off at East Road of Jinkuiqiao Canal; Take No. 23, 24, 70, 113, 118, 135 and 358 buses and get off at Jinming Road, Wenhua Road stations.

Yangshan Scenic Spot

Yangshan Town is a renowned town for peach. When the peach gets matured, the peach tree is bearing well. The spring of Yangshan is lightened by peach blossom. Over 10,000 mu peach tree together with the earth house and running water brings the feeling of fairyland. Yangshan is a extinct volcano that erupted in 140 million years ago, and enjoys the name of “Small Fuji Mountain”. The scenic spot features rich terrestrial heat resources. If you staying in the hot spring and enjoying the peach blossom, you will feel that the water of hot spring has flower fragrance.

Address: Yangshan Town, Huishan District

Tel: 0510-83691529, 83692777

Ticket: free

Opening time: whole day

Traffic: Take No. 611 bus at Wuxi Railway Station and get off at Yangshan Martyrs Tomb