Enjoying lake views
The gentle Lihu Lake

Lihu Lake, the inner section of the Taihu Lake, is graceful and peaceful, just like a quiet girl.
Li ("蠡") is an complicated Chinese character with original meaning of a gourd-shape ladle.
Lihu Lake was originally called Wuli Lake with a comparable size to the West Lake in Hangzhou. It boasts gorgeous scenery: mountains beyond mountains, lakes inside lakes, green mountains and blue waters around, shaded by green trees and picturesque landscapes in four seasons.

• Lihu Lake is surrounded by 15 parks and all the parks are free.
• The Ferris wheel " Star of Taihu Lake" is also open at night with the ticket priced at 60 yuan.

Liyuan Garden: the romantic place for a love story

Liyuan Garden is the place where you can enjoy the best scenery of Lihu Lake, a long embankment aside by willows, galleries by the water, delicate bridges, gorgeous pavilions, no matter where you are, no matter where you look at, you can see a beautiful and poetic picture.
Liyuan Garden is named after ancient hermit Fan Li. When Fan Li retired with glory, he chose to live a quiet life here with his lady by fishing amid sunrise and sunset. Imagining this picture under the blue sky and white clouds, boating in the lake, one may have a sweet daydream.

Open time: 7:00-18:00
Peak season: March 17~May 27, July 7~October 22--- 45.00 Yuan
Slack season: May 28~July 6, October 23rd~March 16---30.00 Yuan

Yuantouzhu:the best place of the Taihu Lake

It is the best place to enjoy the scenery of the Taihu Lake and make scenery videos.
You should not miss the beauty of any season. There are sakura in full bloom in spring, vast green waves in summer, beautiful fallen leaves in autumn and tree branches covered by frost and snow in winter. The sails in the light of the setting sun and the fishermen's songs are the dominant scenes in scenic films.

•Open time: 06:00 to 17:00
•Ticket: RMB 105
• Take a tour boat at the Turtle Head Isle dock, a cruise in lake is different from the bank.
• The picturesque 10-li Fragrant Path near the Luding Hill overflows with the beauty of wilderness.

Baojie Hill: a place for landscape panorama

From Liyuan Garden to the Turtle Head Isle, the No. 1 scenic spot of Wuxi, you may arrive at the Baojie Hill after passing the Shuanghong Bridge. At the foot of the hill is the Baojie Hill Forest Park with hills and waters in harmony contributing to another lakeside scenery. Driving up to the hill on winding path, you may see verdant trees stand along the roadsides. At the top of the hill, looking into the distance, you may see he beautiful Lihu Lake in the north, and the misty and wide Tailu Lake in the south. It is the best place to enjoy the landscapes of the Taihu Lake, Lihu Lake and the rows of skyscrapers in the new town of Wuxi.

Only need to pay some parking fees when driving up to the hill. The park is free.
The viewing platform on the top of the hill is a place where you can have a panoramic view of the whole Taihu Lake.

Hongsha Bay

Surrounded by the lake from three sides, Hongsha Bay leans against the White Dragon Mountain. Along the meandering shoreline, you may find the renowned Liezhu Isle, or the head of the White Dragon, in its southwest. Overlooking the bay from the platform marked with the Cape of Good Hope of Taihu Lake, you may see the peaceful crescent Hongsha Bay, the glittering Tailu Lake, the Tuoshan Island and the misty Maji Mountain.
The ecological park at the piedmont produces pears, plums, jujubes, red bayberries, loquats, oranges and tea. The oranges are maturing. It is a good time to enjoy picking the fruit personally. 2. Barbeques are allowed in Hongsha Bay Agricultural Sightseeing Garden.

1. Hongsha Bay is an ideal place for photographers to shoot sunset photos.
2. Barbeques are allowed in Hongsha Bay Agricultural Sightseeing Garden.

Juna Hotel: living in landscape

Standing at the side of the Lihu Lake, Wuxi Juna Hotel looks like a sailing boat. Then, you will find that it is near the Liyuan Garden and the Star of Taihu Lake (the Ferris wheel). Here, you will see all the famous sceneries and tourist attractions of Wuxi. It seems that you are not in a hotel, but in a paradise-like resort.
The lakeside hotel has picturesque sceneries. Through the French window, you may overlook the lake and mountains, which form up a Chinese landscape picture with the beautiful gardens, even in the bathtub.

•Address: No.1 Huanhu Road, Binhu District, Wuxi (near the Liyuan Garden)
•Tel: 0510-85101888
Log on www.ctrip.com for reservation.
You may enjoy the purest dishes with Wuxi and Jiangnan flavors.