Wuxi steamed juicy meat buns

Only in Wuxi can you taste the sweet meat buns.
The buns just taken from the steamer appear oily glittering and translucent, with the chewy wrappers. The buns can be seen as snacks, or treated as staple food. They are also the first choice for presents. In autumn and winter, Wuxi locals like to fill the boiled crab roe oil in the stuffing, then “steamed crab meat bun” makes the grand debut. The thick fresh flavor will linger for a long time.
Because of the tasty and precious hot sauce inside the buns, a jingle is of much importance: “gentle lift, slow move; bite first, drink next.”

Restaurant recommendation:

Century-old shop: Wang Xing Ji
Address: No. 223, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an District, Wuxi (near Xue Qian Dong Road)
Tele: 0510-82726484

Up-rising star:Xi Sheng Yuan
Address: No. 112-5, pedestrian street, Nan Chan Temple, Wuxi (near Xiangyang Road)
Tele: 0510-82230037

“A Bite of China” Choice: Yi Qin Yuan
Address: Cadre’s sanitarium, military subarea, Beitang District (near ancient town, Huishan)
Tele: 15852847111、18001519005

Bean curd jelly in meat soup

Usually placed in a big bucket, bean curd jelly would not break in bumping, maintaining the hot and tender state. Before tasting, one can add soybean sauce, chopped green onion, purple seaweed, dried small shrimps, jar choy pickles, white sugar, sesame oil and other condiments, cheap and fine. In Wuxi, there are two kinds of bean curd jelly—meat soup and vegetable soup. The latter one is made out of the jelly from the bucket with soybean sauce, dried shrimps, purple seaweed and green onion. To make the meat soup one, the jelly would receive a flavor deepening in the boiled meat soup, and other seasonings can be put individually. In this way, the “white and soft” tofu would be given a perfect improvement.

Restaurant recommendation:
Three-Feng Restaurant
Address: No. 240, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an District

Yulan cake

Yulan cake is peculiar to Wuxi, with a history of more than 160 year. The first reaction to its name would be a dessert of flower shape. Actually, it is more like a large sweet meatball and taste very enjoyable—the crisp golden yellow skin, and soft and tight-knit glutinous rice fillings.
Tourists would usually love Yulan cake at first sight on the food plaza outside Nan Chan Temple. In fact, you can find it in nearly every snack shop in Wuxi.

Mu Guiying Food Court
Address: Zijin Square, Nan Chan Temple, Nanchang Street, Nan
Chang District, Wuxi (Yongfeng crossing)
Tele: 0510-82821987

Mao Hua Yulan cake
Address: No. 80-2, Qing Yang Road, Nanchang District, Wuxi
Tele: 0510-85011961

Sweet osmanthus taro

Lately, “A Bite of China” 2nd Season released a trailer, in which sugar taro was introduced as the most authentic Wuxi dessert. In the early autumn, Wuxi people begin to enjoy it. The crisp, soft taro with purple romance slides into the mouth. Just a small bowl will make it so hard for you to stop.
To make a bowl of delicious sweet osmanthus taro, it’s had better to choose the local high-quality taro, braise it soft and then add brown sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus. In addition, a bit of dietary alkali can be put to help the soup present a glittering and translucent warm red and purple.



Restaurant recommendation:
Junlai•Hubin Hotel
Address: No. 1, Lake Road, Binhu District, Wuxi

Taihu Lake cruise snacks

Originated from Ming Dynasty, Taihu lake cruise snacks are the chefs’ improvised works, mostly with rice flour and flour, in the images of animals and plants, steamed, which can be tasted as well as appreciated.
“Mu Guiying” Taihu lake cruise snacks have declared for the first batch intangible cultural heritages of Wuxi. You must make an appointment a few days earlier to taste the snacks.It’s highly advised to row a boat on a sunny afternoon, and enjoy the retro and modern “Wuxi style afternoon tea”.

Restaurant recommendation:
Mu Guiying
Address: Zijin Square, Nan Chan Temple, Nanchang Street, Nan
Chang District, Wuxi (Yongfeng crossing)
Tele: 0510-82821987


You can find noodle shops nearly everywhere in Wuxi. At the meal time, noodle shops are always most popular. The noodles here are totally different from the northern ones—white as snow, and string-like strips. Wuxi locals call these noodles “silver filaments”.
For a bowl of noodle, the soup is the cook’s crucial secret. The recipe lies in the ingredient types, proportion, order, and time. In some shops, a bowl of clear soup sells 8 yuan, and in other shops, it is 4 yuan. The noodles are the same, but the soup is different.

Restaurant recommendation:
Hongyun abalone and shark’s fin noodle restaurant
Address: Hong Yun Hotel, No. 317, Zhongshan Road, Chong’an
District, Wuxi (Hou Xi Xi crossing)
Tel.: 0510-82737557