Bicycle Route
Lihu Line Riding

Light of Lihu- Huan Hu Road- Yu Fu Island-Lihu Central Park- Jin Cheng West Road- Li Hu Road- Jin Shi Road- Shan Shui East Road-Turtle Head Isle-Shi Li Fang Di- Bo Gong Island -Huan Hu Road- Light of Lihu (about 20 kilometers).

Recommendation: Shi Li Fang Di

Shi Li Fang Di can be seen as the most suitable line for cycling and walking, a flower-tree path along Lihu. Inheriting the River South gardens’ low profile and winding path leading to a secluded spot, the area that the line goes through is definitely a super huge garden, full of surprises, pleasantly and unceasingly.

Must-see sighting spot:

Yu Fu Island, Bo Gogn Island, Li Dike, Li Garden, Taihu Star—Sky Wheel

Mashan Line Riding

Sunshine city garden – Jian Zhu Road - Liang Hu Road – Yu Gang Road -Taihu Lake Shi Ba Wan- Shi Li pearl dike – Qian Bo Bridge- Tao Yuan Mountain Villa- 7 miles scenery dike - Hilton hotel – Mu Wan – Gu Zhu Road - Qian Bo Bridge- Lv river estuary - sunshine city garden (78 kilometers)

Recommendation: Shi Li pearl dike, Taihu Lake Shi Ba Wan

Since the 18 bay scenic belt and Shi Li pearl dike are on the same route, you can put them together if you like. Starting from Bo Gong Dao, one can ride to the west along Taihu Road, view the left grand Taihu, and appreciate the verdant trees on the right hills.

In Taihu Lake Shi Ba Wan, the largest open park in Wuxi, Taihu lake hides and reveals itself, and Shi Li pearl dike faces the lake totally. Riding along the lake will make you feel that you are going to fly, with sunshine, lake wind, grand view.


Must-see sighting spot: Soul Mountain Giant Buddha, Fanon House

Ticket: 210 yuan

Open time: 7:00—17:00

Fanon House visit time: 9:00—18:00