Practicing Buddhism
Lingshan Buddha worship

Facing the Taihu Lake in the south and nestling up the Lingshan Mountain, the Lingshan Grand Buddha, together with the Big Buddha on the south, the Grand Buddha at Leshan Mountain on the west, the Grand Buddha in Yungang Grottoes on the north and the Grand Buddha at the Longmen Grottoes in the central area, forms up the pattern of "Five Buddha in Five Directions".
At the feet of the Grand Buddha, you may become fully understanding of the loftiness and solemnity of Buddhism. It's said that someone who is not a Buddhist could not help crying in front of the Grand Buddha. He might be shocked by the mental aura of the Grand Buddha.
Just have a close touch with the tip toes of the Buddha and wish a safe, healthy and happy life.

•Ticket price:
Through ticket: RMB 210 ; Discounts offered at and other websites.
Open hours:
Open time of scenic area: 7: 00 to 17: 30 (or 17:00 in winter)

Enjoying the Lingshan Vihar

The Lingshan Mountain is the best place for practicing Buddhism, such as observing life from the tranquil nature in plain Buddhist clothes, chanting poems and sutras for self-meditation, and enjoying a free and tranquil mind at night.
You may also enjoy Buddhist specialty meal, including fungus and mushroom soup, Wuchang rice, vegetable dumplings, bananas and relishes. Speaking is not allowed while eating. No leftover is allowed. You may ask for more food if not enough.

Address: No. 8, Guzhu Road, Mashan Peninsula, Wuxi
Call 0510—85683703 to consulting Buddhism class issues.
Make reservation on with 600 yuan prepaid.

Dajue Temple for equality of all flesh

Dajue Temple, built against the mountain and neighboring Hengshan Reservoir, is an ancient temple with numerous visitors and majestic Buddhist statues. It is a temple renovated under the instruction of Grand Master Hsing Yun. As a typical ancient style complex, it does not rigidly follow the fixed pattern.
Without big incense burners or burning candles, the temple has quite fresh air. The halls are quiet and plain, so do the monks there. It showcases the real meaning of “all flesh are equal”. Having a leisure walk in the Buddhist temple may bring you great harvest.

Address:Hengshan Village, Xizhu Town, Yixing
Open hours:9:00-17:00
Ticket price:free
Catering:The Shiyuan Hall in the Dishui Chamber
Only at 8:00 and 12:00, a bus runs from Yixing to Dajue Temple.
You may go to Zhangzhu Town first, and then to Xizhu by a minibus or a taxi for the 4-5km route.

Searching ancient tracks in Huishan Temple

Situated in the national 4A-grade spot Xihui Park, the Huishan Temple is famous to the world along with the reputation of China’s 2nd Spring. It is a tranquil and solemn Buddhist place with ancient trees, flowers and brilliant buildings.
The Zen temple had seen prosperity in history with numerous dignitaries. Poets, scholars, emperors, ministers and generals had left their footprints in the prosperous Buddhist site on their way to the Jiangnan along the Grand Canal. It is also an ideal place for emperors to practice meditation.

Address: Xiuzhang Street, Huishan Ancient Town, Wuxi
Open hours:5:30-18:00, or 22:00 in summer
Ticket price:
The through ticket with the Xihui Park is sold at 30 yuan and 45 yuan etc.
Traffic: Taking the Route No. 2, 10, 91 or the Sightseeing Route 1 buses at the Railway Station and getting off at the Xihui Park.