Staying in landscape
Wuxi Hubin Hotel

Hubin Hotel in Lihu Lake scenic area is a five-star hotel with longest history in Wuxi. The hotel features the beautiful landscape of Lihu Lake and is surrounded by water and mountain. The hotel features natural design and strong art sense.

Living in the hotel at night, the Liyuan and Star of Taihu Lake is close to you. Looking out of the window, you can see the lake landscape completely. The mountain and lake as well as the garden in south China form a beautiful landscape painting of China. If you rest at the pavilion, you can see the fires at the lake side in remote distance. Doing Yoga at lake side in the morning and breathing the refreshing air are also easeful.

Address: No. 1 Huanhu Road, Wuxi
Star: Five-star

Wuxi Lingshan Yuanyi Doubletree by Hilton Hotel

Walking along the side of Taihu Lake, you will reach the Wuxi Lingshan Yuanyi Doubletree by Hilton Hotel when you see the giant Buddha in remote area. Hall of the hotel is tall. There are many small ships, which are placed at the hall like sofas for rest of customers. The biggest ship-styled building is the western food restaurant of the hotel. You can enjoy the landscape of Taihu Lake in and out the ship.

Guest rooms of the hotel are along the lake side and are connected with long and devious path. The rooms either face the lake water or the green garden. At night, you can sit at the open balcony on the first floor of the hotel, enjoy the breeze, listen the sound of water and enjoy the wet air, which can moisturize your heart.

Address: No. 99 Qili landscape Dyke, Taihu Lake National Tourism Resort, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-8535 5000
Star: five-star

Wuxi Lianghong Wetland Lisheng Holiday Resort

Located at the side of Lianghong Wetland, the hotel is mild and delicate.

The 196 guest rooms are located at the three-floored garden village. In the noon, you can see the pond in the courtyard at the balcony. The indoor swimming pool is a surprise. The swimming pool features French window on three sides and a transparent glass ceiling, enabling the entire swimming pool with the natural environment completely.

Mountains, water, wooden bridge and corridor make the entire hotel to be a garden in south China. Walking in the hotel, the time will slow down by nature.

Address: No. 205, Feifeng Road, Hongshan Street, Wuxi New District
Tel: 0510-88584888
Star: Five-star

Wuxi Taihu Lake Garden Village

Located at the bank of Lihu Lake, Wuxi Taihu Lake Garden Village is in adjacent of renowned scenic spots of Wuxi such as Yuantouzhu, Liyuan, Three Kingdoms City, Tangcheng and Shuihu City. The hotel covers a floor area of 90mu and the afforestation rate of 70%. However, it only has 159 guest rooms and is a real garden hotel. The 180 meter long shoreline enables customers to view the beautiful landscape of Taihu Lake at guest rooms, restaurant and meeting room. Hujingxuan Chinese Food Restaurant of the hotel mainly offers Yangzhou cuisine such as seafood of Taihu Lake and other characteristic cuisines. Looking from the french window, you can see the blue sky and green water.

In the morning, you can walk in the Japanese-styled garden, enjoy the delicate mountains and water, blooming cherry blossom. Your mood will be as wonderful as cherry blossom pedal.

Address: No. 8, Eat Shanshui Road, Binhu District, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-8555 5888
Star: four-star

Yixing Yunhu Convention Center

The outdoor landscape is the biggest feature of the convention center. Located at Yunhu Scenic Area, Xizhu Town, Yixing. Yunhu Lake is the former Hengshan Water Reservoir, and is famous for Hengshan Chub. There is a large bamboo forest and tea garden near Yunhu Lake, which can be regarded as an oxygen bar. When entering the hotel, you can enjoy the natural landscape of Yunhu Scenic Area. After arriving the hotel, you will have the sense of fairyland. On both sides of the hotel, there are Ouxian Tea Culture Exposition and Dajue Temple, the home of Buddhist master Xing Yun. If you have these two scenic spots in your agenda, the hotel is very suitable to you.

As the hotel is in adjacent of Dajue Temple, vegetarian food is another feature of the hotel. There is a vegetarian food restaurant called Dajue Hall in the hotel. The delicately made vegetarian cuisines are as palatable as royal cuisines.

Address: Xianglin Road, Xizhu Town, Yixing
Tel: 0510-80329999
Star: Five-star