Wuxi Museum

Buildings of Wuxi Museum have special characteristics. They adopt full-steel structure. As Wuxi depends on the water of Canal and has profound water culture, construction of the museum emphasizes on the water culture, and shows the design concept of “water and stone”.

The museum is in rich of paintings and calligraphy of Ming and Qing dynasties, and cultural relics, and is a comprehensive museum of local art and history. There is Wuxi Xubeihong Art Gallery where the real paintings of Xu Beihong were showcased.

Address: No. 100 Zhongshu Road, South Taihu Plaza, Qingyang Road, Nanchang District (near the library)

Tel: 0510-85727600

Ticket: free

Opening time: 9:00-17:00, visitors are not allowed to enter after 16:00

Traffic: Take No. 5, 29, 31, 57 and 81 buses and get off at East Road of Jinkuiqiao Canal; Take No. 23, 24, 70, 113, 118, 135 and 358 buses and get off at Jinming Road, Wenhua Road stations.

Wuxi Clay Figure Museum

The Wuxi Clay Figure Museum beside the Huishan Ancient Town is designed by Japanese designer Kengo Kuma. The building adopts large roof style. There are not only large-scaled performance-styled art exhibition, display of renowned works and exhibition with characteristic streets, integrating the clay figure art with culture exhibition. There are many studios of masters, where you can see on-site production of clay figures, on-site embroidering performance and bamboo carving.

Address: No. 26, Xihui Road, Beitang District, Wuxi

Ticket: free

Opening time: 9:00-11:00, 13:00-16:00; The museum is closed on Monday.

Traffic: Take No. 10, No. 98, No. 83 and No. 56 buses at Railway Station and get off at Nanhai Fishing Village Station.

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Clay Sculpture Exhibition Hall

Opened in 2011, the exhibition hall not only showcases the excellent clay figures of Huishan, but also integrates the theme of Beijing-Hangzhou Canal culture. The most-attractive one is 180 meters long large-sized clay figure “Panorama of Ancient Canal”.

Address: No. 418, Nanchang Street, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

Tel: 0510-83707925

Ticket: RMB10 per person

Tips: You can visit the clay sculpture exhibition hall firstly and then buy some beautiful clay figures as the souvenirs.

Shuaiyuan Purple Clay Museum

Wuxi Shuaiyuan Purple Clay Museum constructed in early 1990s is the former Shuaiyuan Purple Clay Pottery Art Exhibition. The museum collects hundreds of purple clay proclaims of different times and styles, and organizes academic symposium of purple clay culture and appreciation activities of purple clay artworks on irregular basis. It also invites renowned experts, collectors and artwork fans from all circles of the society to discuss on purple clay art together.

The craftsman in the museum will showcase the manufacturing technique of purple clay potteries, enabling visitors to have a good understanding on the manufacturing skills of clay purple pottery.

Address: No. 38, West Shanshui Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Tel: 0510-85558880

Ticket: free

Chinese Silk Industry Museum

Since the ancient time, Wuxi has been the hometown of silk. Since Ming and Qing dynasties, the silk industry of Wuxi has developed well. In 1930s, Wuxi ranked the first place in China for number of silk plants, quality of silk as well as production volume and export volume of silk. Chinese Silk Industry Museum is located in Ancient Canal Qingming Bridge Region, and is re-constructed on the basis of Yongtai Silk Plant.

The museum has five demonstration areas namely the Silk Kingdom, Century-old Glory, Silkworm, Printing and Dyeing Dresses and Demonstration Area. At 17:00 to 21:00 on each Friday and 13:00 to 17:00 on each Saturday, female works will give on-site filature performance.

Address: Wharf of Dagong Bridge in Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Spot

Tel: 0510-85739950

Ticket: RMB20 per person

Opening time: 9:00 to 21:00

Traffic: Take Ancient Canal Offshore Sightseeing Bus to the Wharf of Dagong Bridge; Opening time: 9:00-20:30 for every 30 minutes

Wuxi Kiln Group Site Museum

Wuxi Kiln Group Site Museum showcases the tile production, transaction and life of kiln maker in South China. Wuxi Kiln History exhibition hall has a model of Qingming Bridge Street in the center, and transparent glass over it. Walking over it, one will feel like walking at cloud end and can look down the living environment of people in Wuxi in ancient time. The models are vivid and can reflect the scene of Wuxi in ancient time. Behind the museum, there are three kiln sites where visitors can see the real scene of kiln.

Address: Dayao Road, Nanchang District, Wuxi

Tel: 0510-85739950

Ticket: RMB10 per person

Opening time: 9:00 to 21:30

Traffic: Taking the offshore sightseeing bus of Ancient Canal to the Ancient Kiln Terminal; Opening time: 9:00-20:30 for every 30 minutes